Monday, January 11, 2010

The mood of diary

The mood of diary is a mood of a person who keeps this diary. People have to wear masks because it is the only way for them to deal with this life they have. People have different lives and different people in their lives but no matter on this fact they all know that the best way to act in this life is the way when you never show people the real you. The real one is usually a person with all those weakness and there are always those who will be glad to use those against a person. And that is why we should wear masks and act like we are different people from who we are indeed. And the mood of diary is a mood of a person who keeps this diary because those papers appears to be the only place where a person can be real and be not afraid of something. This is where one can express all those thoughts he or she has and reveal its weaknesses. A person knows that no one will misuse those because there os no way for diary to do that. That is what the mood of diary – the real mood of one.

The reason for offence

As a rule people need diaries in order to express there all those feelings and thoughts they can’t express in this real world of real people. They have no people to share their true feelings with or they just don’t want other people to know how they really feel. Well, it depends on a person. Though, fact s the fact – diary is a book to express all those emotions people have right now and right here. And those may be of good and of bad nature. So, people have to be careful in case they are keeping a diary. They have to hide it good in order to prevent others find it. There are cases when people find those diaries others keep and sure they will read it because they are interested at it. And sometimes they find there a couple of lines about them and sometimes those are lines about some hard feelings and offence. And in this case a reader grows offended with a writer. People may quarrel about it and they will. They will because one has read those angry lines and the other one grows angry about the fact that his or her diary was read but some stranger.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Diary is generally a written book which records the all the events that occurred during the day arranged according to the date. It started in the medieval roman period when the early records were of groceries, money spent, war accounts etc,. Diary keeping is known to enhance the expression of feelings and to promote thought. There are varied kinds of diary from business notes to personal events to book keeping.
A personal diary is one where the author makes note of his/her personal events that occurred and its impact on the life. Generally, the entries will start with the actual description of the event, the participants, and then the outcome of the event followed by a lesson learnt as a result of this or a new thing that you have realized as a result of this event.

A Business diary or journal is one where the information recorded is related to the writer’s profession. The meeting appointments, client visit amongst others would be the entries of the diary and a travel diary is one which documents the encounters on the journey or a series of journeys. This was used in earlier to keep track of the roads when maps were not so prevalent.

Fitness journals are used where you record your workout regime and time spent on these activities. A diet journal is one which is used to keep track of the food habits especially when you have to follow a certain specific diet regime. Sleeping diaries used where you keep track of sleeping habits. It is mostly a mandate ordered by sleep clinics as a part of their treatment. But these days, hand written diaries are replaced by blogs and online journals.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Every Day's Diary

Whether you wrote in a diary every day as a youngster or you have only recently taken up the habit, saving your diary is the only way to go. Once you have filled out the pages with inner thoughts and feelings, don’t be too quick to throw the diary away. While you might not want anyone reading your old diaries now, you will leave behind the opportunity for family members to really get to know you later. Reading through a loved one’s diary even years after they have passed away gives the reader a true sense of who they were and how they lived. As they watch your struggles and triumphs through the entries in you diary can bridge gaps and heal your absence.

Such findings have led to some of the most prominent diary books in the world. Anne Frank’s diary is the most common printed personal writing there is, but there are many other diary publications that have come to be known as some of the most personal and expressive writings available today. With the diary making way for more electronic forms of communication, there is really something special about leaving the paper, handwritten book behind for future generations.

Just because you are saving your diaries now doesn’t mean you should be writing just in case someone finds it after you are gone from the planet. It just means that there will always be the option for your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to know you better and kindle a new connection to you, even if you aren’t here to share it with them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Diaries became a very common thing in last centuries. Nearly every human has ever been keeping a diary. It's a good way to look at yourself from another point of view, to tell of your private life (and nobody will know), to get some new ideas. You can also write down the thoughts of others you liked, some quotations, books you've read, films you've seen, places you've visited, and when you read the old diaries, you see the life of its author, which is very useful and also extremely exciting. There is such a kind of books and even films imitating diary style as 'Basketball diaries' or a well-known story of Bridget Jones. If you want your diary to be read and discussed by other people, try to keep an internet diary on one of numerous sites that provide this opportunity for free.
However, there are some problems of keeping a diary. The most common of them is that somebody will find your diary and know some of your secrets. If you're afraid of it, protect your diary by a password (if it's on your computer) or keep it in a usual notebook so that nobody would suspect it to be the reflection of your private life. Then, when you write there too much and too often, you become dependant on it. You start to dislike live communication and leave for the world of memories. Don't. Diary is just a tool for life.
Do you keep one?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Why should we keep a diary

I take the diary as "a place" where people could always work out the existing problems, understand their feelings or moods, reflect the experience, to come to any solution. To ensure that the diary was the most useful, it must be the "place" where you can be absolutely sincere. And so I suggest you write it only for themselves, not trying to show it to your spouse, a therapist or someone else. If you keep a diary, assuming that someone else will ever read your writing, you unwittingly start sift something that prevents you better look in the eyes of others, or write well, to make the other feel guilty, or simply want to show their loved ones, as you have, etc.
However, if after you make any record, you feel that a good idea it was to show (or, better, read) that the record (because it is your good sense) a certain person, then do it. I protest and warns you against writing-for-order-to-someone-read. And do not leave your diary in mind, if you live with someone who has a curiosity to your life. In doing so, you provoke other is that he began to poke his nose into your affairs, and himself to secretly reveal to him.
The word "blog" means daily, but not turn keeping a diary in the next "must." I would prefer that you saw the diary as a tool, accessible at any time. You can write when you need or want, sometimes daily, sometimes once a week, sometimes forcing himself to do it every hour!